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55 - Retirement Days - Paul Williams
August 16, 2020 04:17 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we speak to retiree Paul Williams.

Paul shares his transition from self employment to retirement. He shares the steps involved, the pro's and con's, and what retirement is really like.

An interesting look at the world after work end.

54 - Vulnerable MEN - Keith Bernardo
August 12, 2020 01:12 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we speak with American psychologist Keith Bernardo.

Keith talks to us about the relationship men have with themselves and other men. How emotions and vulnerability can limit how men see each other, and discusses the ways to undo this belief.

I find everything Keith shares to be so relevant with today’s struggles that men are facing.

53 - Up Up and Away - David Shaw
August 09, 2020 02:24 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we speak to David Shaw. David takes the time to discuss how his love for flying, drove him to take up flying lessons. Hours of flying lessons.

Learn how a corporate bloke, had a dream to become a pilot - and discover what that journey was like. How he now dreams of life after COVID, where he will be up, up and away in the clouds.

52 - the Aussie Comedian - Justin. Flemming
August 05, 2020 03:38 PM PDT
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On this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we interview Australian comedian / Rock Legend/ Justin Flemming.

Justin takes us through his very colourful career from lead singer of rock band Pegasus, doing porn in LA, acting on Aussie sitcoms, to finally finding his feet in the ever popular comedy circuit.

His experiences with mental health allowed him to seek the laughter in his life that would help him to heal.

51 - Around the World in 700 days - Marc & Ben
August 02, 2020 02:44 PM PDT
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In this episode of the secret MENS Business podcast we speak to Ben and Marc, two Aussie’s travelling around the world over a two year period. After planning and saving, they left Melbourne and took off to Mexico, and spent almost a year exploring that part of the globe.
We catch up with them before they start their European leg of the second year - literally days before COVID-19 hit the planet.

They share their stories as budget travellers, some exciting, and some down right dangerous. How they have kept sane with each other, and the many amazing opportunities they have encountered with the locals.

50 - We made it to 50 episodes - Joe-y Busuttil
July 28, 2020 05:28 PM PDT
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In this our 50th episode of the Secret MENS Business podast - Joe-y reflects on how we got here. Originally a project to honor three friends who committed suicide in the same week, it evolved into a passion to really assist men with their mental health globally. The past 50 interviews have been created to empower listeners to be the best version of themselves. To find Self Acceptance and step into a new awakened landscape. All of us at SMB want to say thank you to all the volunteers, listeners, and supporters. One thing we have learned is - if you believe in it then it happens. To the next 50 episoides and the new SMB TV. Joe-y & the SMB team.

49 - Work-life Wellness - Dr Natalie Flatt
July 26, 2020 03:53 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we speak to work-life balance expert Dr Natalie Flatt.

Men are finding themselves experiencing more stressed than ever before, so this episode is so relevant. During COVID19 & beyond, the way we go to work has changed. Natalie talks to us about how we can adapt to change, and do everything we need to do without burning out.

Dr Natalie Flatt is the co-owner of the successful organisations - Connect My Mind & Connect Psych.


48 - Taking time off work during COVID - Bits & Pieces - Joe-y Busuttil
July 23, 2020 12:23 AM PDT
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In this 7min mini Bits & Pieces podcast episoide we look at taking time off work during COVID lockdown. Is it ok or selfish? I struggled to try and accept that time off is important at the moment.

47 - Chem Sex & App Hygiene - Mike Power
July 19, 2020 04:13 AM PDT
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In this episode of the Secret MENS Business podcast we chat to Mike Power, Program Director & LGBTQI affirming Counsellor at the Cabin group in Thailand.

Mike talks to us about Chem Sex and its continued increase in popularity. He shares his own personal experiences, his rehab methods, and his advice in assisting clients transform their lives. By working with clients individual shame, they begin to process it to start to connect with their own self acceptance. We also discuss what what app hygiene is and how it’s a big part of Chem Sex recovery in 2020.

46 - COVID-19 - why am I anxious today - Bits & Pieces - Joe-y Busuttil
July 15, 2020 05:57 PM PDT
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In todays Bits & Pieces I explore this strange feeling I persume is anxiety. I have been in lockdown for over four months now and I have nailed it. Today though I am experiencing a different feeling. A sort of unease. Not sure why it has decided to visit today. I am not going to ignore it and will go inside it and try to understand what is going on. Why don’t you join me?

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